À La Carte in English

* also gluten- free


Shrimp salad with Iceberg lettuce 9,50 € / 13 €
Shrimp salad with Iceberg lettuce, tomato, shrimp, asparagus, peas, dill, salad dressing of the House and *toast
Creamy salmon soup of the House 12 € / 13,50 €
Creamy salmon soup of the House with toasted *rye bread
Green salad 6 € / 8 €
Green salad with Iceberg lettuce, melon, cherry tomato, cucumber


Pizza with two fillings * 9,00 €
Pizza with three fillings * 10,50 €
Pizza with four fillings * 12,00 €


pineapple, blue cheese, chicken, mushroom, jalapeño, ground meat, shrimp, kebab, ham, olive, bacon, bacon, pepperoni, peach, rucola, smoked reindeer, onion, pickle, tomato, tuna and garlic

Cut into half 4 €
Includes salads for both

Main Courses

Grilled beef steak (180 g) with optional sauce and grilled tomato 26,90 €
Red wine sauce, creamy pepper sauce, Bearnaise, chili tomato sauce of the House or savoury butter
Children under 13 / Childrens portion -50%
Roasted arctic char 26,50 €
with lime cream sauce and vegetables of the House
Rosti parsnips with bulgur & kvinoa & vegetables 21,50 €
tomato herb sauce
Spicy chicken of the House 23,00 €
chili tomato sauce, vegetable salsa and pineapple

Optional potatoes

  • country potatoes (G, M)
  • french fries (G, M)
  • creamed garlic potatoes (G, L)
  • creamed potatoes (G, L)
  • rice (G, M)

Small dishes

Pasta with blue cheese chicken sauce * 15,90 €
vegetables of the House
Hunter´s steak sandwich 20,90 €
grilled steak (120 g) with forest mushroom sauce


Bread cheese stewed with roasted cream, arctic cloudberry 9,40 €
Chocolade fondant, raspberry and ice cream 8,60 €
Sundae of the House 8,50 €