Hotelli Puustelli Nivala

À La Carte

* also gluten- free


Crispy chicken fingers G, M 8,90 €
Corn coated chicken fillets, vegetable sticks & mayonnaise
Pumpkin soup G, VEGAN 10,90 €
Velvety smoked reindeer blue cheese soup G, L 13,00 €
Bread *


Bruschetta bread L 2,50 €
Mayonnaise G, M 1,50 €
Chili mayonnaise, lime mayonnaise, blue cheese mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise, paprika mayonnaise, chipotle mayonnaise
Criss cross potatoes G, M 2,00 €
French fries G, M 2,00 €
Sweet potato fries 2,50 €


Margherita * 12,50 €
Homemade tomato sauce, cheese, cherry tomato, arugula
Americana * 13,50 €
Homemade tomato sauce, cheese, blue cheese, ham, pineapple
Opera * 14,90 €
Homemade tomato sauce, cheese, ham, tuna, pepperoni
Pizza of the house * 14,90 €
Homemade tomato sauce, cheese, cherry tomato, salami, seasoning oil, lime mayonnaise
Pizza with three toppings * 13,90 €
Pizza with four toppings * 15,90 €


Pineapple, blue cheese, chicken, champignon mushroom, jalapeño, minced meat, shrimp, kebab, ham, olive, bacon, pepperoni, peach,  aragula, smoked reindeer, onion, pickle, tomato, tuna, garlic

Pizza cut in half 4 €
Includes salads for both

Main Courses

House salad with chicken G, M or goat cheese G, L 15,90 €
Chicken or goat cheese, salad, cherry tomato, cucumber, sunflower seed, lemon vinaigrette, bread *
Grill plate G, M 18,90 €
Pork, beef, side dish and sauce of your choice
Pork leaf steak G, L 22,90 €
Pork leaf steak, seasons vegetables, flavored butter, dish of your choice
Chicken with devil's jam G, L 26,90 €
Chicken fillet, arugula, goat cheese, vegetable salsa, devil's jam, pepper sauce, side dish of your choice
Roasted arctic char G, L 29,50 €
Arctic char in pesto cream sauce, side dish and sauce of your choice
Grilled beef tenderloin steak G, M 32,90 €
Side dish and sauce of your choice
Grilled reindeer steaks G, L 39,90 €
Cranberry red wine sauce, Lappish puikula potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke puree, butter-fried onions and chanterelles

Side dishes

Potato wedges G, M

French fries G, M

Sweet potato fries G, M

Criss cross potatoes G, M


Sauce options

Red wine sauce G, M

Five pepper sauce G, L

Bearnaise sauce G, L

Seasoned butter G, L


Houseburger * L 18,90 €
Beef patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, pickled red onion, tomato, pickle, salad, chipotle mayonnaise
Auraburger * L 17,90 €
Beef patty, pickled red onion, blue cheese crumble, tomato, salad, pickle, blue cheese mayonnaise
Chickenburger L 16,90 €
Crispy chicken patty, tomato, pepper jack cheese, pickle, salad, paprika mayonnaise
Vegetable burger L (VEGAN) 16,90 €
Ole's Tasty - vegetable patty, tomato, pickled red onion, pickle, salad, lime mayonnaise

Side dishes for burgers

Potato wedges G, M

French fries G, M

Sweet potato fries G, M

Kid's menu

Chicken nuggets with french fries L 9,60 €
Wiener basket G, M 9,60 €
Kid's pizza L 10,90 €
Kid's hamburger meal L 12,90 €


Ice cream of the house G, L 8,90 €
Chocolate fondant 9,90 €
Cherry raspberry syrup, berries - available also gluten- and milkfree
Bread cheese L, G 13,50 €
Toasted bread cheese in caramel cream, candied cloudberry from Lapland